As the General Counsel for POMEGA Inc., a pioneering entity specializing in dermo cosmetics and possessing a treasure trove of intellectual property related to transformative topical compounds, Abraham’s role is a dynamic blend of legal stewardship and strategic innovation. Navigating the intersection of cosmetics and potential drug development, he orchestrates a multidimensional legal strategy that safeguards our intellectual property while embracing the future potential of the company’s topical compounds as potential drugs, post clinical trials. This entails a comprehensive orchestration of trademark, copyright, and patent protection, along with a visionary outlook on regulatory considerations. Abraham’s work involves fostering a seamless relationship between scientific exploration, clinical trials, and legal protections, ensuring that POMEGA’s innovations translate into groundbreaking skincare products while simultaneously positioning the brand for success in the pharmaceutical realm. With a keen understanding of the regulatory landscape and the intricate balance between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

In the past Abraham represented several companies in the biotech space to include NexGen (biofuels) in a reverse merger into an Israeli company that was publicly traded on NASDAQ, Vascular Biogenics (atherosclerosis and cancer) in its round A and B financing, BaseCamp Ltd in its investment into Alma Lasers, and on a corporate project relating to Teva.