Abraham Sofer, Esq.

Legal Practice specializing in Fintech, Artificial Intelligence, International Taxation,

Securities Regulation, Intellectual Property, Biotech

As a seasoned tech and tax lawyer, Abraham holds licenses in the State of New York and the District of Columbia. His legal journey extends beyond borders, having been previously admitted to the Bars of both Israel and Nevada. With a fervent dedication, he collaborates closely with clients navigating the dynamic realm of emerging technologies, reshaping perceptions of technology, FinTech, intellectual property, and groundbreaking innovations.

With a legacy spanning over 35 years, Abraham Sofer has earned his place as an accomplished Senior Executive, Advisor, and General Counsel. His remarkable career has spanned across diverse industries including fintech, technology, cosmetics, computer software, and law. His profound expertise encompasses various facets of corporate law, including mergers & acquisitions, business development, and strategic planning. Notably, Abraham’s advisory history encompasses intricate transactions, and he boasts an extensive reservoir of hands-on experience in legal, compliance, and team management within the realm of cryptocurrencies and ecosystems.