Intellectual Property

Abraham Sofer stands as a seasoned representative, having skillfully navigated the needs of entrepreneurs, middle-market companies, and startups while spearheading the IP strategy for POMEGA Inc, and for Arco Electronic Products Inc. of Florida. His practice includes the commercialization of IP assets, which relate to patent, trademark, copyright, domain name, trade secret, and licensing.

Abraham boasts a comprehensive command of legal knowledge relatig to diverse technologies and processes, spanning domains such as biotechnology, software and apps, blockchain, medical devices, business methods, and e-commerce, among others. His impressive track record encompasses a broad spectrum of intellectual property matters, encapsulating:

• Crafting strategies for patents, trademarks, and copyrights

• Guiding trademark development, registration, and safeguarding

• Orchestrating patent filing, prosecution, development, issuance, and protection, encompassing both utility and design patents

• Conducting comprehensive IP protection audits for companies

• Navigating and overseeing U.S. and international trademark, copyright, and patent searches, filings, prosecutions, and oppositions

• Providing expert counsel on domestic and international trademark usage, marketing, licensing, and franchising

• Skillfully negotiating license agreements

• Formulating and overseeing confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements

• Negotiating and structuring joint development agreements

• Efficiently managing domestic and international trademark portfolios

• Skillfully documenting the acquisition and divestiture of intellectual property assets on a global scale

• Steering negotiations of asset purchase agreements involving intellectual property assets

• Offering strategic guidance to Boards of Directors on intellectual property policy matters

• Providing astute counsel on advertising, internet, and fair use considerations

In the intricate tapestry of business evolution, intellectual property serves as both a catalyst for growth and a potential arena for complex legal confrontations. The intricate process of identifying, safeguarding, fortifying, optimizing, and enforcing intellectual property rights demands a multidimensional comprehension, entwining a profound understanding of the business landscape and market dynamics.

Abraham Sofer’s distinguished career exemplifies his mastery in shepherding businesses through these multifaceted challenges, ensuring intellectual property becomes a catalyst for success rather than a source of legal entanglements.