International Taxation

With an impressive legacy spanning over 35 years, Abraham Sofer stands as a seasoned international tax expert based in Washington, DC. His illustrious career has been devoted to representing a diverse array of multinational and globally-oriented high-net-worth clients in an expansive array of international tax planning, transfer pricing, and competent authority matters.

Throughout his extensive and diverse professional journey, Mr. Sofer has had the privilege of contributing his expertise to both the public and private sectors. His proficiency extends to the nuanced realm of international taxation, where his insights and guidance have proven invaluable to clients navigating complex global tax landscapes.

In more recent times, Mr. Sofer has embraced the dynamic landscape of FinTech, providing astute counsel on a range of tax transparency and audit matters. His adaptability and forward-thinking approach underscore his commitment to staying abreast of emerging domains and offering tailored solutions to evolving challenges.

Abraham’s expertise spans a diverse spectrum of international business and taxation matters, where he provides astute guidance to our clients.

He has consulted on foreign investment in the United States, meticulously guiding clients through entity selection, delving into intricate considerations surrounding U.S. and foreign entity classification. For those engaging in U.S. real estate investments, he covers all facets of ownership and operation, ensuring a comprehensive approach.

Navigating the complexities of U.S. residency status for both income and estate tax purposes is paramount, and his seasoned advice in this arena proves invaluable. Leaning on the utilization of tax treaties and foreign tax credits, he crafted strategies to strategically reduce global effective tax rates.

Structuring the international operations of both domestic and foreign corporations demands meticulous attention, and he excels in handling intercompany pricing matters. He was the lead intnertional tax advisor for a team facilitating seamless corporate acquisitions, reorganizations, liquidations, and financings across multi-jurisdictional transactions.

Beyond borders, he champions the interests of numerous U.S. individuals and companies engaged in global business. He has advised domestic clients towards optimal tax-efficient strategies when organizing their international operations.

Mr. Sofer’s journey began in the heart of Wall Street, where he honed his skills within distinguished law firms. His trajectory then led him to Florida, where he spearheaded a technology start-up focused on PC data storage, showcasing his multifaceted talents. A return to private practice in both Washington, D.C. and Israel followed, marking a triumphant comeback to the legal realm. It’s worth noting that prior to establishing his legal practice in the mid-1990s, Mr. Sofer held a significant role as an international tax attorney at Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft, one of the oldest and most esteemed law firms in the United States. Abraham Sofer’s journey is a testament to his adaptability, insight, and enduring dedication to the intricate realm of international tax law. His profound experience and multifaceted background position him as an exceptional resource for clients seeking innovative solutions in an ever-evolving legal landscape.